Who are we

We are a vACC part of VATEUD and VATSIM. With members from several countries and all kinds of ages, the passion for aviation and the flight simulation hobby is what drives our community.

What we do

Portugal vACC provides high quality ATC and pilot training within Portuguese airspace on the VATSIM network. We train our controllers and pilots with the highest standards to be a part of the virtual skies, while having fun, learning and developing friendships.


ACCPT1 - Director

810882 - Daniel Gomes daniel.gomes@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT2 - Training Director

1107190 - Miguel Frias miguel.frias@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT3 - LPPC FIR Director

1096507 - Bernardo Reis bernardo.reis@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT4 - Events and Public Relations Director

1433524 - Rodrigo Araújo rodrigo.araujo@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT5 - LPPO FIR Director

1214252 - Hugo Santos hugo.santos@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT7 - Webmaster

1273225 - Tiago Vicente tiago.vicente@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT8 - Webmaster Advisor

1377186 - Pedro Rodrigues

ACCPT9 - Training Advisor

1369259 - Alex Metcalfe training@portugal-vacc.org

ACCPT10 - LPPO FIR Advisor

884178 - Marco Gonçalves