Flight Operation

Lajes - LPLA

General Info - LAJES
Country Portugal
Time UTC-1(0 DT)
Latitude 38.761842
38° 45' 42.63" N
Longitude -27.090797
027° 05' 26.87" W
Elevation 180 feet , 55 meters
Type Military 
Magnetic Variation 010° W (01/06)
Beacon Yes
Island Group Azores I
Operating Hours 24 HOUR OPERATIONS
Inter. Clearance Status Airport of Entry
Daylight Savings Time Last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October
TWR 122.100, 257.800
PTD 308.775
PMSV METRO 284.425
AMC COMD POST 130.650, 349.400
GND 121.900, 233.975
ATIS 120.300, 234.800
APP 135.000, 362.300 Ltd coverage fr 180 CW to 310 blw 7000' byd 15NM.
ID Dimensions Surface PCN ILS
15/33  10870 x 197 feet
3313 x 60 meters
Runways 15
Surface ASPHALT 
True Heading 141.0
Latitude 38.775953
38° 46' 33.43" N
Longitude -27.105550
027° 06' 19.98" W
Elevation 158.0 feet
48 meters 
Slope 0.2°
Landing Distance 10870 feet
3313 meters
Takeoff Distance 11910 feet
3630 meters
Overrun Length 1040 feet
317 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT
Lighting System SF
Runways 33
True Heading 321.0
Latitude 38.752867
38° 45' 10.32" N 
Longitude -27.081414
027° 04' 53.09" W
Elevation 180.0 feet
55 meters
Slope -0.2°
Landing Distance 10870 feet
3313 meters
Takeoff Distance 11861 feet
3615 meters
Overrun Length 991 feet
302 meters
Overrun Surface ASPHALT
Lighting System SF
Type ID Name Channel Freq Distance From Field Bearing From Navaid
VOR LM LAJES 112.300 1.5 NM 168.3
NDB GP LAJES 341 1.7 NM 140.6
Fuel Jet A1+, Jet A1 with icing inhibitor.
100/130 MIL Spec, low lead, aviation gasoline (BLUE)
Oil O-148, MIL L 7808 (Synthetic Base), Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine
O-156, MIL L 23699 (Synthetic Base)Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine
JOAP Joint Oil Analysis Program
Other Fluids SP, Single Point Refueling
PRESAIR, Air Compressors rated 3,000PSI or more
LHOX, Low and high pressure oxygen servicing
LOX, Liquid oxygen servicing
OX, Indicates oxygen servicing when type of servicing is unknown
LPNIT, Low pressure nitrogen servicing
JASU A/M32A-86
AC:115/200v, 3 phase, 90 kva, 0.8pf, 4 wire, DC: 28v,1500 amp, 72kw
150+/-5lb/min (2055+/- 68cfm) at 51+/- 2psia
A-GEAR Dur ftr ops only, dep end BAK-12 and E-5 rigged. A-G avbl 30 min ntc for all others
CAUTION Hi terrain parallel to rwy 2.75 NM W to 1925'. Hi terrain parallel to rwy 0.25 NM E to 503'. Winds are extremely hi dur Oct-May. Expect lo level windshear andlarge hdg corrections on final apch. STRONG CROSSWIND POSSIBLE is incl in the fcst when cond are favorable for development of haz crosswinds. This rmk should alert aircrews to closely mnt LAJES Wx while enrt. If possible, consider maintaining fuel reserves to reach altn destn outside of the Azores wx pat. Rwy not visdur portions of downwind leg on cir apch. Rwy not grooved. Ctc twr before turning off active rwy. Twy drct in front of large hgr at NE end of ramp has only105' clnc fr cntrline. All acft use ctn for unctl vehicle tfc on apns bordering Twy Papa. Rwy 15/33 is 300' wide mrk at 200'. Rwy edge lgt, dist remaining markers and rwy exit signs are in place for a 300' wide rwy.
CSTMS/AG/IMG Acft rqr support must contact Afld Management OPS at DSN 535-4106 at least 24 hrprior to arrival. Failure to comply may result in delays. Host nation IMG Svcs normally responds within 30 min.
FLUID JOAP SP PRESAIR LHOX LOX. Liquid nitrogen unavbl. Aircrew must plan to arr with adequate supply to reach next destn.
JASU (A/M32A-86) 6(AM32A-60) 2(AM32-95)
LGT PAPI Rwy 15 MEHT 58.6', PAPI Rwy 33 GS lctd rgt of rwy 3.2 MEHT 57.7'.
MISC USAF is tenant agcy; ICAO pro in effect. All DoD aircrews must ctc PMSV 284.425prior to commencing apch or dep to obtain USAF wx warnings/watches/advsy which are not provided by ATIS or ATC. Host nation wx obsv and fcst is used by ATC andrptd IAW ICAO rules under LPLA ident. USAF wx fcst/obsn avbl under KQLE ident.In the event wx briefings are unavbl fr the Lajes wx flt.
NS ABTMT Jet acft tkof fr Rwy 15 are to apply max climb rate poss. The use of afterburner sys shall be reduced to a min.
OIL O-128-133-148-156
RSTD Host country enforces strict compliance with FCG. Ensure req/ntc are properly addressed. Trans acft with security rqr must be pre-coord with AM OPS and securitypolice prior to arr. Specify rqr by msg 96 hr prior to arr. Address msg to 65 OSS Lajes Fld PO//OSAA//, 65 SFS Lajes Fld PO//SPOS// and 729 AMS Lajes Fld PO//AMCC. Host nation limitations may preclude meeting sys security std. Acft with VIP code 7 or abv ctc Comd Post thru LAJES Global not later than 1 hr prior to ETA. Ltd COMSEC avbl thru AMC Comd Post. All practice apch rqr prior apvl of host country. Due to flow ctrl rstd, aircrews are rqr to file outbd FPL 3+00 hr priorto est off block time. All acft carrying haz cargo in or out of Lajes must coord with AM OPS 72 hr prior to ETA. Afld max haz cargo 30K lb of 1.1 NEW. 180 turns on Rwy 15/33 not authorized.
TRAN ALERT Avbl H24. Unit support augmentation rqr for large scale movements/exer.
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