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Atlantic Islands Hop!

Portugal vACC partnered with VATSPA and bring you this new event. Fly between Las Palmas (GCLP) to the Azores or Madeira and back. There are plenty of flight combinations to choose from. The event is on Saturday, Jan 31, from 14z to 19z.

Portugal vACC Online Day

Our official online day event is back to our skies. Every Tuesday from 1930z onwards we will have Portugal vACC's online day. Expect traffic, ATC, different approaches and more. Click here for more information.

Portugal vACC now has its own pilot ratings. Pilots wishing to evolve and learn more: click here for more information.

In the meantime, Portugal vACC has earned the ATO certification by VATSIM. We are now an Authorized Training Organization and are entitled to award the VATSIM ratings.

Portugal vACC - Been there today?

Our main mission is to provide Air Traffic Services in the Flight Information Regions (FIR) under Portuguese responsibility - Lisbon and Santa Maria, ensuring that VATSIM and VATEUD regulations are complied within the best safety conditions, emphasizing efficiency by means of encouraging virtual Air Traffic Controllers mobility, improving their training conditions.

We have a dedicated and professional team at your service!

We are always looking to improve!
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Iron Mic Awards
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vACC Chart Center

Pilots and controllers are encouraged to access our chart center with chart information for all LPPC main airports. This is an essential tool for a better experience at our airports.


Live ATC & Traffic Map

Forecasted ATC

LPPC_CTRDuarte Folgado
2015-01-31 1400z-1900z (5h00)
LPMA_APPMiguel Frias
2015-01-31 1400z-1900z (5h00)
LPPO_CTRMarco Goncalves
2015-01-31 1400z-1900z (5h00)
LPMA_TWRBruno Alves
2015-01-31 1400z-1630z (2h30)
LPPO_FSSJose M Pereira
2015-01-31 1400z-1900z (5h00)
LPLA_APPHugo Santos
2015-01-31 1400z-1600z (2h00)
LPPT_APPBruno Alves
2015-01-31 1630z-1900z (2h30)
LPMA_TWRTomás Silva
2015-01-31 1630z-1900z (2h30)
LPFR_TWRPedro Tomé
2015-02-01 1530z-1730z (2h00)

Forecasted Traffic

(Frederico Moniz Pacheco)
2015-01-31 (1245z-1500z)

Current ATC online
Callsign Frequency
Not staffed at the moment

Top 5 controllers

1.Miguel Sanches29:59
2.Ricardo Santos26:02
3.Lourenço Santana25:26
4.Ricardo Sousa18:16
5.Carlos Serrano18:01


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