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Controllers Instruction and Certification Regulations (PDF)
Mentoring Rules and Procedures


Board of Directors

Position Name
ACCPT1 - Director & Human Resources Miguel Frias (acting)
ACCPT2 - Training Director Miguel Frias
ACCPT3 - Lisboa FIR Director Duarte Folgado
ACCPT4 - Events and Public Relations Director Fabio Martins
ACCPT5 - Events and Public Relations Assistant André Almeida
ACCPT6 - Santa Maria FIR Director Josť Pereira
ACCPT7 - Webmaster Miguel Frias

Technical Support

Callsign Name
ACCPT2 Miguel Frias
ACCPT6 Josť Pereira
ACCPT40 Miguel Branco da Silva

Pilot Support

Callsign Name
PTD Pilot Training


Callsign Name
ACCPT40 Miguel Branco da Silva
ACCPT41 Pedro Sousa
ACCPT42 Nuno Chambel
ACCPT43 Pedro Rodrigues
ACCPT44 Daniel Gomes

Honorary Members

Callsign Name
ACCPT100 Gonçalo Batista
ACCPT101 Pedro Gonçalves

General Emails

Position Contact
Director Director
Training Department Training
Events and Public Relations Department Events
Lisboa FIR Lisboa FIR
Santa Maria FIR Santa Maria FIR
Webmaster Webmaster

Social networks
Portugal vACC Yahoo mailing list
Official Facebook